Custom Jaw Angle Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in custom jaw angle implants.  I’m finding out that standard implants (i believe 10mm) are not as strong as I would’ve hoped and not providing me the stronger look i seeked. 

I would like to find out if I can make my jaw stronger with bigger or custom jaw angle implants and whatever else needed or if that result is not possible I’d get my current ones removed since the current result is an improvement on the right track but still does not provide enough strength in my jaw I desired to balance out my face. At some points early in the recovery though swollen my jaw seemed a lot fuller and stronger than now. I believe increased height as much as feasible and a bit wider. 

This after result below seems strong I would like to see if I can reach this point by whatever means and I believe at some point in recovery with swelling my jaw was in fact that wide in proportion to my face.

A:Thank you for sending your before and after pictures. As you have now discovered, the final result of any facial implant augmentation is going to largely reflect the size and surface area that the implant covers. In the end you have more defined jaw angles which is exactly what the size of the implant does. What you have also learned by going through the process is that the overall jawline fullness that came from the swelling is more of your desired jawline look. That is going to take an implant design that covers more of the jawline from the angles the chin…which can only be done by a custom jawline angle implants design.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana