Custom Jaw Angle Implants

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in custom jaw angle implants. Could Porex implants be removed and replaced with custom made ones from three 3 years after surgery? I had porex jaw angle implants placed to restore my jaw bone deformity after jaw reduction surgery. But I’m not happy with that result. I realized now that off-the-shelf implants do not suffice in my case. So I have decided to make my implants removed and replaced with custom jaw angle implants. But a long time has passed since the implants were placed. I have heard it is very difficult to remove Porex implants especially after years. The doctor who did the surgery to restore my jaw angle with Porex implants said… You would risk damage to the masseter muscle which has already been manipulated by your previous surgery when trying to remove them. He told me that he found the left side of my jaw muscle was torn by the careless reduction surgery. In this worst scenario, Is it still possible to remove and replace them? If it is possible how much cost it? I hope your reply soon.

A: I have removed numerous Porex jaw angle implants and, although it is far harder than removing silicone implants, it can be successfully done. You would be correct in that a custom jaw angle implants would be the most effective jaw angle restoration method now. I do not think that the masseter muscle would be any further damaged by the implants removals. Where the implants are most adherent to is the underlying bone. They do peel off of the muscle without a lot of difficulty.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana