Custom Infraorbital Rim Implant for Under Eye Hollows

Q: Dr. Eppley, I would like to ask about facial implants for under the eyes, I believe they are known as custom infraorbital rim implants. I have inherited hollowed eyes and I would like to ask how well are the implants attached, if it moves while smiling and if you can feel it. Thank you in advance.

A: The ideal treatment for undereye hollows is a custom infraorbital rim implant that sit on top and in front of the infraorbital rim ad can extend out onto the cheek a bit if so desired. They are secured to the bony rim with miniature screws so they will never move. They do not affect smiling or lower eyelid movement. A good fit to the bone and implant design allows them to usually not be felt.

While it is more of a surgical procedure than the traditional use of fat injections, the effectiveness, smoothness and permanent volume of the implants can offer in the properly selected patient a good correction of underage hollows.

A custom infraorbital rim implant is made from a 3D CT scan where the coverage and dimensions of the implant are preoperatively determined and controlled.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana