Custom Forehead Implant Revision

Q: Dr. Eppley, It’s a pleasure to meet you. Do you mind if I ask you some question about custom forehead implant surgery? I have read many times about your surgeries on the site.

I have done a bone cement surgery on my forehead and my eyebrow. (custom forehead implant) Can I get more bone cement added onto the current implant? Because I don’t want to remove the current implant. I am happy with the shape, just want to add more. If not, can you take the implant out and reshape it? Or do you have to make a totally new one?

I have got the surgery based on my exact skull model with the 3D printer. So the implant is really well shaped based on my forehead and brow bone. So I just want to add little bit more bone cement on the current implant.

Like one the first photo, there are some gaps between my real bone and the implant . I want to fill those gaps if its technically possible. (Glabella, brow bone) If I need to remove the current one and get a new one , is it possible to make the implant model like the second photo?

Also i found that photo model on your site. Is it possible to add extra bone cement on the part that I circled with purple color?

Thank you so much !

A:  The answer to your fundamental question is that it is not possible to just additional cement to your existing forehead implant to create a result that will be perfectly smooth and even in the areas you have highlighted. Although you did not state what exact material your implant is I would wager that it is PMMA, an acrylic bone cement which is commonly used in Asia but not the U.S. for custom forehead and brow implants.  I have removed and replaced many such forehead implants as their design is often identical to yours and the patient’s desires for an improved implant shape is also identical to yours as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana