Custom Chin Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, Two years ago I wanted a change and I got a Terino Square Chin implant. While I do think it made my chin look better, I would never wear my face without a full beard now. The implant is huge and I believe it did not address the vertical increase that I needed. The groove under my bottom lip looks way to big to be normal. I have also attached a current photo of myself with the full beard. I believe there were some irregularities under the implant with my chin that have now been pronounced since the implant was not custom.What should I do now? I feel that the sliding genioplasty with an implant) may have been my best option from the start but the recovery time is extremely long. My recovery time from this implant was over 10 days. I do not feel hideous or anything so this is not urgent but I really would like to understand if what I am looking for is even possible. 

A: Given what you had hoped to achieve and looking at where you are now, the only option to consider is a custom chin or custom jawline implant. Compared to many patients who have gotten square chin implants your results would not be considered remotely huge or disproportionate. But that is clearly how you feel and that is all that matters. You desired results show a lower and more square chin but the width of the squareness is fairly normal and not at all what the Terino square chin implant can achieve. Only a custom chin implant can make that type of non-standard chin augmentation change. You have also shown on your ideal result some jaw angle changes as well. How important that is to you will determine whether you should have a custom chin implant or a custom total jawline implant.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana