Custom Cheek Implants for Higher Cheekbones

Q: Dr. Eppley: Over the last few years I’ve been intrigued with the idea of customizing implants to fit an individual’s face, and I’m looking into getting a customized implant for my cheekbones. My cheekbones are quite flat but also quite low down my face. Meaning the main part of my cheekbones seem to sit well below my lower eyelid. My first question is whether this can be addressed with a customized implant? Can my cheekbones be brought higher???? 

The other question that I have is whether it’s possible to order a layered-segmented implant from the implant company. I’m scared about getting an implant too big, but also too small. So I had this idea: could we order a single implant that can be ‘layered’, meaning can we order a single segmented implant where the implant is essentially in two similar layers, one over the top of the other. My thoughts were that I could have the lower layer implanted and then reassess whether I want more, and if so I would get the second layer implanted over the top of the first, thus avoiding the need to order two seperate implants from the company. 

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

A: When it comes to custom cheek implants they can be made just about way we want. One of the most common reasons for custom cheek implants is to get the higher cheek look which standard cheek implants can’t do. Attached are a few examples of the many types of custom cheek implant designs that I have done.

As for making a layered custom cheek implant, that can be done. They concept of secondary placement of the second layer if need, however, is the reverse of what you have mentioned. It is far easier surgically to slide a second implant layer under the first one than it is to secondarily place it on top of it.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana