Custom Brow Bone Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley, I wanted to ask you about the possibilities of lowering my eyebrow arch and straightening my eyebrow out entirely, and adding more protrusion through the use of a custom brow bone implant. I want to make it clear that I’m not looking to lower my entire eyebrow itself, just the arch. Increasing the protrusion for a more masculine “deep set” eye appearance. I see at least the protrusion is possible on your website. My eyebrows aren’t that straight. Could I do this and also straighten my actual eyebrows themselves out?  Minimize my eyebrow arch and then heighten the tips at the end that come close to the temples like I did in the picture I attached? 

I really want to get rid of this arch and have a straighter brow, would the custom brow bone implant help with this seeing as how it will be custom implant? Could a custom brow ridge implant ‘lift’ the outer edges of my brows(near temples) to look look straighter and more masculine and less arched? Along with the added protrusion?

In effect I really just want my actual eyebrows straightened out with added projection for deeper set eyes. I would also consider an eyebrow hair transplant to add to this effect if you deem it appropriate. Also I have a slight asymmetry that I’ve observed in pictures where my right eyebrow seems to sit a tad bit higher than my left, could this be evened out during this procedure?

A: A custom brow bone implant will improve the projection of the brow bone based on how it is designed.  This will, by definition, make the eyes appear a bit more deep set. What the overlying eyebrow will do, however, may or may not follow how the brow bone shape changes underneath it. That is an unknown variable and many of your objectives with the eyebrow shape are asking too much of any brow bone augmentation procedure. You only do a custom brow bone implant with the expectation of altering the protrusion of the brow…anything that happens favorably with the eyebrow should be viewed as a bonus.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana