Could My Cheek Implants Have Busted From A Recent Fall?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi! I haven’t been in for a while…if u remember when I was young I got cheek implants..(somewhere else before I moved here) I fell last week and hit my face face has been swollen on one side..beside my cheek clear to my nose and down..can my cheek implant bust…I fell Thursday night face is still really swollen clear to my nose…I know its prob just still swollen from fall I hit it really hard…can u ask dr if the implants are hard and wont bust or could implant have busted?

A: Good to hear from you and sorry to hear of your fall. Almost all cheeks implants placed since the 1980s have been solid silicone cheek implants which can not bust for break. I don’t know the exact year when your cheek implants were placed, but it is a 99% probability that they are solid. So your face many be swollen but it is highly unlikely that your cheek implants are ‘broken’.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana