Could My Bicep Implants Be Made of a Material That Is Too Soft?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I wanted to update you on my bicep implants. This may sound strange but what I notice is that since having them it has given my bicep area a  “bloated” feeling and look. What I mean by that is that when i assess my pectoral and deltoid implants it feels firmer and it looks quite cut. i noticed the bicep implants are a lot more softer in feel but I’m wondering if the durometer of the implant could be causing my issue? Point being. if I were to change my implants to a harder durometer  would it look any different and more like my deltoid and pec implants?  i just always assumed muscle implants always just came in a firm feel.  

A: Body implants comes in many different durometers (measure of firmness) based on where on the body they are placed. In general the durometer should match the tissue it is designed to augment. (feel like muscle) I do not know what durometer your pectoral and deltoid implants are but I suspect they are firmer than your bicep implants. You specifically requested the use of AART implants which, as a manufacturer, have the softest durometer of any manufacturer. Whether a firmer durometer in your bicep implants would look/feel any better to you I can not say.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana