Coronal Incision

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have scheduled double jaw and midfacial advancement surgery with a surgeon to correct an overbite and to enhance midface projection. My surgeon has proposed two methods of approaching the midface either though a coronal or a subcoronal incision. I wanted to know what approach would you advise for me to take in regards to having a forehead implant done afterwards by you. I’d like to send in pictures for better evaluation, based on the size and shape of what id eventually want my upper 3rd to look like.

Thank you very much for your time.

A: I assume when you mean ‘subcoronal’ you are referring to a hairline or pretrichial incision as opposed to a coronal incision which is further back in the hairline. Without knowing the location of your frontal hairline and the amount of forehead augmentation you would eventually need I can not provide a fully informed answer. But as a general statement I would say the coronal incision would be better for a male who is planning on getting a custom forehead implant after their orthognathic surgery. Being placed back in the hairline it has better camouflage should the frontal hairline location change.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana