Clavicular Osteotomy for Shoulder Widening

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’d like to know more about clavicular osteotomy. I’m not happy with the width of my shoulders, i want them to be more masculine/broader. With clavicular osteotomy used for cosmetic purposes, what are the potential effects on functionality? Would it possible to gain back full functionality after the operation? I’m most curious about how safe it is. Also, how much would it cost and who would perform it?

A: Clavicular osteotomies with an interpositional cadaveric bone graft can be used for shoulder widening and they can widen the shoulders by about an inch per side. When fully healed there should be no dysfunction, it is like recovering from a fractured clavicle. However doing both at the same time is a challenge from a recovery standpoint. The alternative to clavicular osteotomies are deltoid or shoulder implants which can also widen the shoulders with a farcquicker recovery and with much less scarring.

Clavicular osteotomies make more sense for wide shoulders for which there is no other treatment options. But when it comes to making wider or broader shoulders, the use of deltoid implants offer an equally effective and far simpler approach than cutting the clavicle and expanding it.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana