Chin Reduction

Q: Dr. Eppley, We had previously discussed that a button chin implant would be an option for me if I wanted to make the bottom of my chin appear less squared off.  I tried the filler as you suggested and actually really liked the rounder/pointier shape… but since I feel like my face is already long, adding that vertical height to create the pointer shape wouldn’t be my first choice.. 

1) Would it be possible to do something similar with a chin reduction technique so that the chin becomes somewhat narrower/rounder/more feminine and maybe slightly reduced vertically (vs an implant or filler that would require augmentation to add that shape onto my chin)?

2) Would it be possible to do this from an intraoral incision?  I saw examples on your blog using an intraoral approach as well as submental and wasn’t really sure what category I’d fall into… 

3) If an intraoral approach is possible, what are common complications/complaints you see or hear the most from your patients? Are any of these permanent?

A: In answer to your chin reduction questions:

  1. A chin reduction can reshape the chin, making it less square and reducing the vertical height.
  2. To do it intraorally, it would have to be an osteotomy technique where a wedge of bone is removed from the middle of the chin. This keeps the bottom of the soft tissues attached to the bone so there is not ptosis or sagging afterwards.The submental approach is simpler but does involve the scar on the underside of the chin.
  3. The intraoral approach will involve a slightly longer recovery and will create some temporary numbness to the chin and lip. Such numbness if not usually permanent in my experience.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana