Chin Reduction Recovery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have some chin reduction recovery questions. I wish I came across your site before. I just had chin shaving and sliding genioplasty two weeks ago. I know it is early but I don’t think the incision was stitched together correctly. My lower lip hangs down and when I smile the lower lip now covers my top teeth. I also have no feeling on the left side of my chin. And the steps were not shaved off so I have large bumps on my jawline. I am so devistated so far. Is it possible to send you photos and get your opinion. Again, I’ve research this surgery for four years and never came across your site until now.

A:  It is important to point out that at just several weeks after chin reduction surgery many of the symptoms that you describe are not uncommon. A month or two more of healing can make a big difference in much of what you are experiencing in the early phase of your chin reduction recovery. The final result can not be fully appreciated until three months after surgery with all swelling and tissue contractions and remodeling have occurred. 

Lastly it is not appropriate that any physician comments on early surgical results when the patient remains under active care of the primary surgeon.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana