Chin Ptosis Correction

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in chin ptosis correction by reduction of bone through burring or shaving (to reduce blunt and  long chin) and chin resection for removal of excess soft tissue to correct my chin ptosis. I had a sliding genioplasty and ever since I have always had a problem when I talk or smile. My chin pad or mentalis muscle drops below my chin bone. It’s a problem that I hate so much! I though the sliding genioplasty would ix the problem but it didn’t. It also made my chin look loner not shorter. 

As part of the chin reduction, I would want a prejowl chin implant, medium size by Implantech, secured with screws for forward chin projection.

A: A: In regards to your chin ptosis correction, I think you are spot on for what will solve your chin concerns. Only a submental resection of the overhanging chin pad will get rid of the ptosis that you have. Adding a chin implant will have a complementary effect in that regard as well as provide some forward chin projection. Horizontal chin augmentation is another method that can pick up or fill out a loose chin pad.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana