Chin Prejowl Implant

Q: Dr. Eppley,I’d like your opionion on having a chin prejowl implant, or just a pre jowl sulcus implant. My concern is not the anterior projection of my chin, but the verical height. I think an implant that can add around 3 mm of vertical height below my chin, and widen or treat the prejowl area (maybe make it more square, as well) would be my best option. My goal with the implant is to disquise my double chin line underneath my chin (already treated with liposuction and Ulthera), and maybe to improve jowling if I have it. Of the off the shelf implants, what would be my best choice? Thank you very much!!

A: Thank you for your inquiry. If the vertical height is the main objective with your chin augmentation, with the addition of some squareness, no standard chin implant has those dimensions to make those changes. Certainly a chin prejowl implant can not accomplish those changes. That would require a custom chin implant design. In addition your neck should ideally be treated with a submentoplasty as your main problem now is the fat that lies below the muscle, that combined with some muscle tightening will take the results of the prior neck liposuction to another level of improvement.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana