Chin Implant Revision

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m writing you about a chin implant revision surgery. Previously I had Conform extended anatomical implant XL size and I liked it very well but I decided to get a revision and have the vertical lengthening chin implant size L and it looks monstrous on me. I had my surgery on 04/15/17, I know it is too early with the swelling, but the results I’m seeing right now scare the hell out of me and I don’t remember feeling this way, or even close, after I had the conform implant put it. I would like to have a revision ASAP and have my old implant put in because I don’t want this one to stretch my tissue even further. I saw you once in the past for an unrelated complaint. I was wondering if I can come see you again at your earliest convenience because this issue is causing me a lot of distress. Thank you.

A: I would suggest that you get a chin implant revision as soon as you can. Given your prior chin implant history you are well aware of how the recovery process looks. And of it looks too big right now then it is and will be until you change it.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana