Chin Implant Replacement

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in chin implant replacement surgery or a double chin implant surgery. Hi I had read some of your articles and believe that you have much experience with chin implants. Would be grateful if you could respond my simple question, for which I can´t find any answer anywhere else. I have a Medpor chin implant (2 years ago) that isn´t big enough, and need a larger implant. If my surgeon don´t dare to remove the porex implant, is it possible to insert a new silicone chin implant over the Medpor implant? Would be so grateful for your answer!

A: While it is technically possible to place a silicone chin implant over your existing Medpor one, that would not be a good choice. There is a high risk of implant displacement and symmetry, not to mention the probably appearance of a ‘stacked’ look of two chin implants placed on top of each other. It would be far better to do a chin implant replacement approach, removing the Medpor implant and placing a new silicone chin implant that has all of the desired dimensions. (this may or may not require a custom chin implant given what have in and what the dimensions of your ultimate chin augmentation goals) Like all face and body implants the concept of stacking one implant on top of the other often leads to future problems. If your surgeon is unwilling or uncomfortable in removing a Medpor chin implant, you need to find a surgeon who has the experience in doing so. A one piece chin implant replacement is always going to be superior to trying to put two different chin implants together.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana