Chin Implant Replacement

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am seeking chin implant replacement surgery. I had a chin implant done in 1989 which I always thought was too small. Mentor is the model but the doctor did not write down the lot number so I do not know the material. After having a midface lift and rhinoplasty the doctor said he did not feel comfortable doing the revision of the chin as he did not know if it was silicone or not. I love my surgeon but he said he needs me to remove my implant, let it heal for 6 months and then do the revision. I trust him completely but since you have so much experience with the custom implants I thought you might have other ideas or techniques. Thank you.

A: In regards to chin implant replacement, if the chin implant was Mentor and placed in 1989, it is undoubtably some form of silicone material so that should not be a confusing issue. I do not see the logic of removing a chin implant and letting it heal for six months before reimplantation….that has no biologic merit. The more pertinent question is what change do you wish to achieve now and whether it is best done by either a standard or custom chin implant approach. I would need to see pictures of your face to determine what type of chin augmentation change you are seeking and how best to achieve it.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana