Chin Implant Removal

Q: Dr. Eppley, I wrote to you before about my chin implant removal problem but I wanted to wait a little bit more to have a surgery. I am 22 years old and had a bad chin implant surgery  six months ago. The chin implant was the extended anatomical type, Implantech brand, small size 5.5mm. The incision was submental and implant stayed in only 2 days and was removed due to not liking it at all. It was a big mistake for my face. Its been is months and even though it improved with time, its not exactly how it was before both the shape and size of my chin. My chin is wider, longer, and bigger than before and it  feels squashy inside and not tight as before. But now I see that,my jaw is also larger. My jaw was never touched in the surgery but somehow it effected it  too. My jaw is obviously larger than before and its square. My jaw used to be V shaped and my face is now more square. My lower face looks heavier and not lifted. What can be the reason for my jaw to be larger? Is there a solution for that? Since you are one of the most qualified chin surgeons in the world, i thought maybe you know why and maybe you have seen something like that before. I am sending my pictures. Thank you so much.

A: I do remember your chin implant removal case and patients have come forth before with similar findings. While not common it results from the tissues being lifted off the bone for implant placement and they never reattach like they were before the implant. It should not have affected your jawline per se since those tissues were not lifted off of the bone as the wings of the implant does not go back that far. But that is the effect of the tissues along the chin and backward having an inferior descent creating the change the shape your jawline from the front.

Options for improvement are either a submental chin tuck, a jowl tuck up or a combination of both.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana