Chin Implant Recovery

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a question on chin implant recovery and I’ll be so glad ıf i can get an expert opinion from you. I removed my silicone extended anatomical small size 5mm chin implant after only keeping it for 2 days due to not liking it. Both incisions made under the chin. Its been 4 weeks since the removal and i still feel tightness numbness and lack of movement in my lower lip. Is it normal? Or should i be worried since its already been 4 weeks. I see a little improvement. And my main question is…after chin implant removal empty pockets left and i think they fill with edema ot collected blood. Does this edema etc resolve itself and dissepear so the pockets will shrink back or do they turn into scar tissue and stay there? My chin is still so huge comparing to my original chin İ wonder i its permanent? It ll mean so much for me if you can answer.  Thank you!

A: Like putting in the initial chin implant, in which you had it removed long before you ever had an idea of the final result, the same issue applies to the recovery from its removal. Taking out the chin implant will not expedite the recovery and it will take up to three months after the procedure to see the final result. Whether you put a chin implant in, or take it out immediately, the recovery is going to be the same. You can not judge the result until three months after surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana