Chin Implant Fixation

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a question regarding chin implant fixation. I’m still having trouble deciding whether to travel to get my implant done by a surgeon who will use screw fixation, as it would obviously increase the costs. Do implants secured with screw fixation cause additional issues over unsecured implants if infection occurs?  For example, would screw-fixated silicone implants be more difficult to remove than non-fixated?  Would they require special attention since infections could spread into the bone tissue via the holes used for the screws or anything like that?

A: Your concerns about screws in chin implant fixation are unfounded. Chin implants secured by screws are no more difficult to remove than those that are not. A screw is not a source of infection into the bone should the rare incidence of infection occur after chin implant placement. Some of your thoughts about screws are probably based on the misconception of their size. Screws used for skull and facial implants are 1.5mm in diameter, roughly the same size as screws used in a pair of eye or sunglasses. When the screw is placed on a penny, it is only as big as Lincoln’s jaw.

Dr. Barry Eppley
Indianapolis, Indiana