Cheeklifts after Cheek Implant Removal

Q: Dr. Eppley, What type of cheeklift did I have done when my Medpor cheek implants were removed?

A: Cheeklifts are done to either treat a difficult ectropion, as a prevention of ectropion or cheek tissue sagging such as may occur from cheek implant removal, or do a cheeklift for sagging from aging or as a possible substitute for cheek implants. While many different types of cheeklifts have been described, every cheeklift is some form of a subperiosteal technique which only differs by the way they are suspended upward. A direct cheeklift, which is really the most effective as it is done closest to the ‘problem area’ and also lifts the cheeks vertically in the correct vector, does so by attaching the suspension to the orbital rims. 

Because it is done through a lower eyelid incision it is not the most common cheeklift technique even though it is the most effective as many younger patients don’t want a lower eyelid incision. But in your case with an already existing lower eyelid incision with ectropion and wanting cheek implants removed, this was by far the most logical and effective approach. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, IndianaC