Cheek Lift

Q: Dr. Eppley, what is the difference between the effects of cheek implants and a cheek lift? In looking at pictures cheek implants looked more subtle than the lifting of the  cheek tissues. The cheek implants themselves looked more obvious than the cheek lift, however. The cheek lift appears to pull on the face and make the nose a bit wider and even lift the lip. So the overall change to other facial features with implants seemssubtle while there were more changes to other facial features with the cheek lift,despite the cheeks themselves looking more natural. Am I correct in this assessment?

A: You are quite accurate in your assessment of the influence of the cheek lift vs cheek implants and their effects on the face. Cheek implants push the tissues more out and forward while a cheek lift pulls the tissues more up and back. Thus their effects on the cheeks are different. A cheek lift can widen the nose and pull upward on the lips. Conversely cheek implants have no effect on the nose and the lips.

This is why a cheek lift often creates a bigger change on one’s face while cheek implants have a isolated effect on just the cheeks.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana