Cheek Implant Revision and Lip Closure Issues

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m four days post-op from cheek implant revision surgery (to change the size of my cheek implants). I wanted to get a second opinion on an issue that I’ve been having but my surgeon seems to brush off.

When my lips are in resting position, one side of my lips won’t close all the way down. The resting position is evidently asymmetrical and I believe this might be attributed to the painful and tight intraoral stitch on the left side of my mouth. 

Will releasing this stitch allow my lip to rest a bit? Or could it be due to swelling? I look so stupid with the left side of my mouth slightly open when the right side is closed.

A: Unfortunately you asking a question in which I don’t have adequate information. Not knowing exactly what the suture line looks like inside your mouth I can not say if that is the case of your lip asymmetry. Given where the typical location is for the intraoral vesibular incision, it would not normally be in a location that would restrict lip closure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana