Can Zerona Treat Gynecomastia?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, does zerona help with belly fat and gynecomastia. Not sure why it wouldn’t help gynecomastia if it’s all adipose tissue.

A: The first thing to realize about fat is that it is not all the same throughout the body. It is both structurally and biochemically different as it actually serves different physiologic roles depending upon its anatomic location. It is present in our bodies for very functional purposes other than being a source of annoying collections of unwanted bulges. It also has some differences between males and females as well. This is illustrated in your question about male gynecomastia and belly fat. Male breast enlargement is composed of fibrofatty tissue. Some of this is fat but it also has a significant component of gritty fibrous tissue. This makes it unresponsive to an external treatment like Zerona. Gynecomastia can only really be effectively treated by liposuction, particularly Smartlipo, or open excision. Belly fat is distributed differently in men than women. Most of belly fat in women is external to the abdominal muscles (subcutaneous) and can be reached by Zerona (up to 5 cms. penetration) or liposuction. Male belly fat has a greater percent hat lies underneath the abdominal muscles (intraperitoneal) and does not respond as well to such fat treatments.

That being said, Zerona is not a good treatment for Gynecomastia and tends to be less effective for some men than women for the reduction of belly fat.  

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana