Can You Use Medpor For A For Brow Bone Implant?

Q: Dr. Eppley,I would like to undergo the surgery for brow bone implant augmentation, and I am wondering what the sequence of steps will be. I live in Southern Washington, so I assume that I would need to travel to Indiana for the consultation, CT scan, and the surgery itself. I recently learned that there is another type of implant material, porous polypropylene, in addition to the standard silicone material. Do you use this type of alternative material?

A: In answer to your brow bone augmentation questions:

1) the needed 3D CT scan is one you get where you live. We help you find a place to get it and then place the order so you can have it done. Then you mail the disc to us.

2) All consultations, discussions and implant design sessions are done online. You only come here once for the surgery.

3) Porous polyethylene, also known as Medpor, is another facial implant material option, But it offers no advantages, has numerous disadvantages and adds considerable cost to the surgery. i only use it when that is what a patient wants.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana