Can You Perform Corrugator Muscle Resection?

Q: Dr. Eppley, This surgery is known as corrugator muscle lysis or frown lines removal. It is a permanent solution because the procedure will surgically “disrupt” (cut and resect) the corrugator muscle. The surgical approach can either be done endoscopically (no scar) or as part of a conventional forehead lift or brow lift procedure. However I want the glabellar muscle between the eyebrow removed completely so that part of my forehead is flat again! because botox doesn’t work for me. Is this something you could do?

A:  Of this concept I am familiar. However regardless of the technique used (an open approach is far better than an endoscopic approach for more effective muscle removal) you have to be careful about total muscle removal in the glabellar region as that will result in a visible glabellar indent. The muscle adds soft tissue thickness which is not insignificant so you want to avoid total removal.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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