Can You Give Me Some Information About Rhinoplasty

Q: I would like information regarding Rhinoplasty.  I am thinking about having it done and need some more specifics as well as the cost. Thank you.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. I get lots of requests that are just like yours, requesting general  information. Such questions, while well intended, are too vague and not very meaningful. There is a tremendpus amount of information aboout rhinoplasty on my website and blogs. To be most helpful, however,  I would need to know what specific information you seek. What you really want is not general information on the procedure but how it specifically relates to you and your nose concerns. The most helpful information would be what type of rhinoplasty do you need and how might it look on you if it were done. If you send me some pictures (a front and side view of your face on a clean background such as a door or wall) I can do an assessment and some computer imaging for you. That would be the most meaningful place to start in your search for rhinoplasty information. Once the nose problem is seen and imaged, some more specific cost information can be provided.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana