Can You Do Computer Imaging To Show Me The Results Of A Vi Peel To My Face?

Q: I am interested in getting a Vi Peel to improve my skin’s texture and appearance. I am specifically trying to get rid of some wrinkles, get a collagen boost and take away brown spots on my face. Can you do some computer imaging on my attached pictures to show me what I would look like after this chemical peel treatment?

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. Unfortunately computer imaging is not ideal for skin texturing predictions. With imaging tools it can be made to look completely smooth and flawless (like airbrushing of the models in magazines)  but that is not what the purpose of computer imaging is. It is intended to help a patient understand the improvement so they can see whether the changes are worth the investment. By making your skin look perfect, you will not doubt be motivated to do the peel…but that doesn’t mean the chemical peel can create that same result. In this context, computer imaging can be deceiving. Computer imaging is best reserved for facial  structural change predictions…where a patient is taking their face to a place where it has never been…as opposed to trying to return to a place that they were once more familiar.

By the way, a Vi Peel is a great facial skin treatment and will definitely help you achieve many of your stated goals

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana