Can You Do A Lip Lift and Fat Injections To The Face and The Buttocks At The Same Time?

Q:  Hi there, I was interested in your lip lift procedure and wondering if you did fat transfer to the face for reshaping/volumizing, and a butt lift using fat transfer.  I’ve been researching for several months and I’m ready to have it done, but I’m wanting to find the right surgeon for me.

A:I do a lot of fat injection surgery, most commonly to the face for volumetric enhancement and to the buttock for augmentation, otherwise known as the Brazilian Butt Lift.  Fat transplantation by injection is a really exciting approach for numerous face and body contour problems even if its ultimate survival is not always assured. The exact technique for fat preparation varies by surgeon and there is no absolute agreement as to how it should be done.  I use a fat concentration technique and then mix it with PRP and Acell Particles to enhance survival and volume retention. These are by far the most common recipient locations. The key is whether one has enough fat to harvest which is an issue for the buttocks and not the face.

Lip ‘lifts’ can be done as either a subnasal lip lift or a vermilion advancement depending upon the shape of the upper lip and the patient’s scar tolerance. Please send me some photos of your lip for my assessment. Both approaches can be very successful when properly done. Vermilion advancements produce the most dramatic change in lip size and shape. True subnasal lip lifts are more limited in how they change the shape of the upper lip.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana