Can You Answer Some Questions About Jaw Angle Implant Surgery?

Q: I am considering getting jaw angle implants and have some basic questions. I want the Medpor RZ angle implants but don’t know if 3mms or 7mms width is the best for me. How can I decide? Will looking at patients with each size implant in help? Also, what is the recovery from this surgery like? I am having a hard time finding helpful information on the internet. Thanks!

A: It is tough to say which size is really best for any patient when you are looking at a 4mm difference in lateral projection. (0.15 inches) In different people with varying anatomies, the look can be quite variable. The best way to approach this question in your mind is…would you rather error on being a little too small or a little too big. While I obviously want a perfectly sized result, sizing is still an art form and not completely scientific.

I would order a 7mm implant and cut it done if need be during surgery. An 11 mm wide implant, which is the third and final size, is quite big and is only reserved for those men who want the most extreme jaw angle accentuation.

The best way to think about recovery from jaw angle implants is that it will be tougher and longer than you think. In general, most patients underestimate recovery from any type of plastic surgery and jaw angle implants are no exception. The issues are prolonged swelling and stiffness/soreness of mouth opening and chewing. One really doesn’t start to feel and look more normal for about 3 weeks after surgery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana