Can Vertical Chin Lengthening Be Done Up to 10 to 14mms?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a 24 year old male with a vertical lengthening chin implant (size medium). Unfortunately, I have visible ridges from the implant and I still desire more vertical augmentation. I had a few questions about genioplasty and scheduling surgery.

1. Does Eppley still perform vertical lengthening genioplasty of 10-14mms? 

2. Does Eppley prefer to use iliac crest or cadaver bone for vertical lengthening genioplasty? How much do these grafting options tend to add on to cost? 

3. Can the chin be widened during genioplasty? Not changing the shape of the chin, but widening the natural chin. 

A: In answer to your vertical chin lengthening questions:

  1. I have done vertical chin lengthening osteotomies up to 20mms.
  2. While one’s own one can be used as the interpositional graft most patients opt for the cadaveric corticocancellous block graft.
  3. While chin widening osteotomies can be done, doing so at the same time as a significant vertical lengthening procedure is not recommended. This create unstable bone segments that are hard to fixate.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon