Can These Residual Issues From Facial Implant Removals Be Resolved?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hi i had a few facial implants removed about a year and half ago after having them in for 8 months that included jaw angle, chin, and cheek implants, everything has gone back to preop accept for my masseter muscle on my left side hide has pulled offt the bone a bit and needs to be reattached in the correct position and i have a circular lump of scar capsule from cheek implant capsule on my right cheek bone im looking to possibly have both corrected.

A: Masseter muscle dehiscence is a very difficult problem to anatomically correct by trying to move the muscle back over the bone…that almost never works in my experience. Camouflaging it my soft tissue camouflage is more effective.

Most likely  the cheek scar capsule you reference is up in the soft tissues and may not be on the bone per se. Thus its successful removal may or may not be possible.

Dr.Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana