Can The Width Of My Head Be Reduced?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I would like to ask if it is possible to reduce the width of head? The width of the upper part of my head above the ears is big on both sides. Is there any possibility to reduce it? I am 30 years old and it has bothered me my whole life. Thank you for taking the time to answer.

A: The thickness of the side of the heads is influenced by both bone and soft tissues. The area directly above the ears is part of the temporal area and the thickness of the underlying temporalis muscle can have a major role in its thickness. The influence of this muscle decreases as one gets closer to the transition of the skull from a vertical to a rounder more horizontal orientation as it thins out. Depending upon where the bulge or too wide portion of the side of the head is located, some reduction is possible. I have performed successful reduction in this area by releasing and resecting the posterior portion of the temporalis muscle and some outer table skull burring. This can make for a 5 to 7mm reduction per side, which could be mean up to a 1.5cm reduction in head width. If the extreme width of the head extends more superiorly, then not as much reduction can be done and the procedure may not be worthwhile to undergo.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana