Can The Tip Of My Nose Be Revised Through A Closed Rhinoplasty?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I have a problem from a previous closed rhinoplasty. I am very unhappy with the tip of my nose. It has been lifted too high and this has exposed my nostrils unfavorably. It also makes my face look flat. What I want is correction through a closed rhinoplasty. Will that work for me and my nose problem?

A: When the nasal tip becomes too shortened after a rhinoplasty,  it will produce a set of classic aesthetic issues including an obstuse nasolabial angle with excessive nostril exposure. It can be corrected through tip lengthening/de-rotation through cartilage grafting. This is not best done through a closed rhinoplasty. The grafts would be hard to place and secure through such limited visualization. An open rhinoplasty would provide much better exposure to accurate place tip grafts and/or septal extension grafts to create a de-rotation effect. The one exception to this approach is if the amount of tip lengthening needed is small. Then the placement of limited tip grafting could be done through a closed approach. I would need to see photos of your nose to determine which rhinoplasty approach may work for your revisional surgery. The only question I would ask is what is the basis for your deference to an open rhinoplasty? The scar is inconsequential and the results are more consistent and superior.

Dr.  Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana