Can The Scar From My Lower Lip Mucocoele Excision Be Removed?

Q: Hello, several months ago I had a lip surgery involving the removal of a fairly large mucocoele. Before the surgery there was a soft but noticable bumb just on the inside of my lower lip. After the surgery, however, I now have a huge knot of scar tissue that makes my lip protrude. Not only is it hard and gets in the way when rubbing my lips together, its very noticable when I smile and even when my lips are relaxed. We asked the surgeon about a steriod injection but were told that this doesnt always minimize scar tissue but can even have the opposite effect. Is it possible to remove or soften up the knot without making it bigger? Or will it go away in time? What is your advice?

A:  Mucocoeles are common lip growths that are usually seen on the inside of the lower lip. While they are easy to excise, it is not uncommon  that they are incompletely done resulting in a residual lump or bump. which could end up just as big or bigger than the original one. It would not be common to have excessive scar tissue from a mucocoele excision that made it look bigger than when you started. I would think more about an incompletely excised mucocoele. There is nothing wrong with injecting steroids as it will not make it worse (I have never heard of that happening), it is just a question of whether it will make it better. If you are less than 3 months from surgery, I would try steroids. If you are more tan 3 months from surgery, then a re-excision (lip revision) procedure is in order.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana