Can The Sag Of My Chin Be Fixed After A Chin Reduction?

Q:  I had a chin reduction a couple of years ago and although I am happy with the new shape of the bone, I now have hanging soft tissue. Needless to say I am not happy with these results. I have visited five plastic surgeons and none of them wanted to fix this problem saying that it was dangerous to cut or reattach the muscles and the ending results could be worse. I am very dissapointed and have attached some before and after pictures for your review. I hope you can help.

A: Your pictures show quite clearly some soft tissue sag or ptosis off of the chin bone. It is most pronounced centrally which is what one would expect given that your chin reduction was most likely an intraoral burring approach done to the central button.  To improve this problem there are two approaches, intraoral muscle resuspension or a submental tuckup. The intraoral approach uses a suture anchor to the bone to reattach the muscle and tighten it back done. This is a scarless approach. The submental tuckup  uses an incision under the chin where the loose skin and muscle is removed and tucked or tightened to the bone. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The intraoral approach avoids a scar under the chin but the submental tuckup is a more reliable method.

There is no danger to performing this procedure and there is no chance of making the problem worse. Whoever has said has either never treated the problem or is completely unaware that such surgical correction exists.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana