Can The Pubic Area Be Used To Get Fat For Injection Into The Breasts?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Do you ever harvest fat from the pubic area for breast inhancement? I had smart lipo done on my abdomen and bra roll area. I have excess fat in the area of my pubic bone and inner thighs. I also have a small hump on my back below my neck. I am a young 64. I have execised and taken care of my body. My breasts are ok, they just need some filling out on the top to give me more cleavage.I have good elasticity. I also had smart lipo on my breasts about 10 months ago. They have lifted 2cm. I would be interested in an arm lift in the future.

A:When it comes to getting fat injections placed elsewhere in the body, particularly for the breasts which will require some volume,  you get it wherever you can. The pubic area can be a rich site for fat often offering as much as 100cc of good fat. That area combined with your inner thigh and knees may be just enough to get at least 200cc of concentrated fat for each breast. The arms would be another potential site of harvest since you may be gettings armlifts in the future anyway (as you have mentioned) and creating some skin laxity is not a concern.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana