Can The Postauricular Sulcus Be Restored After An Otoplasty?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello there, I would like to ask a question regarding otoplasty.  I had undergo complicated otoplasty in the last and ended up with a defect in post auricular area, therefore I want to recreate natural and proper anatomy of post auricular area. 

 To make natural convex shape from posterior side. I was wondering about 

 Own Rib Cartilage 

 Cadaver Rib Cartilage 

 Cadaver Ear Cartilage 

 Custom made thin silicone implant 

 Or whatever I dont know what may work for me but one thing I know it has to be super thin. 

 Thank you and let me know.

A:You are never going to make the postauricular sulcus normal again as it has been permanently surgically altered. But in the effort for improvement a thin cartilage graft is needed not an implant. One can debate between cadaveric vs autologous cartilage graft but a cadaveric one would be easier to care and make thin without a donor harvest.

Dr. Barry Eppley

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