Can The Lumpiness After My Abdominal Liposuction Be Improved?

Q: Hello, I have some severe lumps from a previous liposuction therapy on my upper and lower abdomen. I have since attempted corrective surgery, but it has actually made the issue worse. Is it possible to better the results?

A: Waviness or unevenness is the most significant risk in liposuction of the abdomen. While it is not a common postoperative problem, it is a particularly difficult one to improve once it occurs. It may develop for a variety of reasons including poor quality abdominal skin, an aggressive liposuction approach, and a liposuction technique that only uses a unidirectional point of access. This  results from an inconsistent fat layer that is left behind underneath the skin.

While not just unique to abdominal liposuction, contour irregularities are most commonly seen on the abdomen because it is the only truly flat surface of the body that is so treated.

Small abdominal irregularities can be rather easily improved by select or spot liposuction touch-ups. Severe or extensive lumpiness, however, is a much different story. Your efforts at corrective surgery, and the resultant lack of any improvement, reflect the difficulty of the problem.

If further invasive corrections have not worked, one last option would be to consider injection therapy. I have used a mixture of lipodissolve and steroid injections to treat the high spots of abdominal irregularities with some success. It usually takes several injection sessions spaced about 6 weeks apart to get the maximal improvement. This approach will never get the abdomen to be perfectly smooth again but it can help lessen the magnitude of a ‘cratered‘ abdominal wall.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana