Can the Loose Tissues Be Lifted Back Up (Chin Pad Resuspension) After An Intraoral Shaving Chin Reduction?

Q: Dr. Eppley, You are correct in saying my soft tissues are lax after an intraoral shaving chin reduction. At the bottom of my chin, the skin is loose and has not contoured around my chin bone. When I push up on this lax skin under my chin along the bone, it resolves my lip incompetence issues. The function of my mouth improves, as well as the appearance when I push up on this sagging skin. It is approximately a quarter of an inch sag. I know you mentioned resuspension in your response and was wondering if that means attaching this soft tissue in place somehow? In my mind it seems to be an easy fix of my symptoms, because it resolves with a simple push with my finger. Is it a much more complicated surgery to get the same effect internally?

Thank you 

A: While an intraoral soft tissue chin pad suspension can be performed, it is fair not say that it may not completely replicate what you are doing with the ‘simple push of your finger on the lower loose chin pad. That is not always a completely 1:1 correlation in my experience between the preoperative ‘test’ and what surgery can create.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana