Can The Incision For A Custom Jawline Implant Be Changed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a custom jawline implant placed about six months ago by another surgeon. It is not adequate at all and now what the surgeon promised the result would be. Besides its size my other concern is the location of the exterior scar on my face?  It seems to be very close to the front of my chin, in fact on some  ‘shrugging’ type expressions it seems to roll over to the front.  Would this be in a better location upon my custom jawline implant revision? 

A: One of the things you learn in placing custom jawline implants or even vertical lengthening chin implants is the typical location for the submental incision will be too far forward if not changed from its traditional submental skin crease location. When the chin is lengthened vertically and comes forward, the typical location of the submental incision is too far forward and will almost end up on the chin point as opposed to being tucked on the underside of the chin. Therefore, the incision  needs to be placed further back than most surgeon’s think as the implant rolls it forward. That incision location can not really be changed now.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana