Can The Head, Nose and Jawline Be Lengthened/Lowered By One to Two Inches?

Q: Dr. Eppley, how much to make top of head taller by 2 inches, head wider by about 2 inches, is it possible to lower upper and lower jaw down about an inch with tache, lips, cheeks? And the nose longer about 1 inch. if so how much. I have short face and want longer. And can you make the eyebrow ridge higher and eyes deeper set then make nose thicker and wider?

A: While all of the skull, nose and lower jaw lengthening changes can be done, they can not be done to the magnitude that you describe due to the limitations of the overlying soft tissues:

1) the skull can be augmented usually by 1/2 to one inch but not two.

2) The nose can be lengthened by 5 to 7mms (1/3 inch) but not one inch.

3) The jawline can be lowered usually up to 8mms at the chin area (longer in the back) but not by one inch at the chin.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana