Can The Frontal Hairline Be Advanced And The Forehead Bone Recontoured At The Same Time?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting my forehead reduced, now I know there’s only a certain point your eyebrow ridge can be reduced but how about the glabella and the upper third part close to your hairline? Also I would like my hairline lowered but was wondering If the price would be combined all into one or do I have to pay separately and how much do you think it will cost me about?

A: When one uses the term ‘forehead reduction’ that could mean a vertical skin distance reduction by hairline/scalp advancement, reduction of forehead/brow bone bossing or a combination of both. The hairline incision needed for advancing the scalp forward can also be used for frontal bone recontouring as well. The forehead bone including the glabellar area can be burred down. How much it can be reduced would depend on the bone thickness and the location of the underlying frontal sinus. Some people have frontal sinuses that cross between the eyebrows and other have a separate sinus-free zone in the glabellar area. A simple frontal and lateral skull x-ray will show the location of the frontal sinus and the thickness of the frontal bone. This will show how much bone reduction can be done in these areas. One could expect to pay in total surgical costs around $ 6500 to $8500 for a combined hairline advancement and frontal bone recontouring.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana