Can The Femoral Heads Be Reduced For Hip Narrowing?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Would you ever consider doing cosmetic work on the femoral heads/acetabulum?

I’m a male with unfortunately wide hips. I think this is due to either a genetic condition or a lack of high testosterone during puberty. Anyway, being 23 now, options to amend this cosmetic issue are very limited. I know from some of the other questions you answered, you may or may not offer “iliac crest reduction” which you say could help. My issue is that the size of my hips aren’t really a matter of the iliac crest. They’re instead because of the femurs. In general, I think most surgeons steer clear of touching the femurs since they’re obviously super critical to locomotion and daily activity. However, in researching this subject, I’ve noticed several medical procedures I think may reduce the distance between the femoral heads (and thus the hip width). I’m talking about things like total hip replacement, femoral angle of inclination surgery, and possibly even acetabulum deepening.

Yes, those procedures are all medical. But as cosmetic surgeon with willing patients who accept the possibility of risk, why not appropriate them to cosmetics? I think myself and thousands of other unfortunate men would flock to it.

A:My two comments would be:

1) Those type of greater trochanter/femur manipulations are within the province of an orthopedic surgeon not a plastic surgeon.

2) In the diagram attached I would doubt that the narrowing effect on the ‘hips’ would be externally noticeable…and it would have to be to justify that effort and risk.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon