Can The Effects Of An Endoscopic Browlift Be Reversed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had an endoscopic brow lift 2 years ago. It was pulled far too high and has formed what I can only describe as crater-like vertical depressions. This is so strange looking. I was so much better before with my normal horizontal thin lines. Is there anything that can fix this….is a reverse brow lift successful….could fillers wk….or hair transplant to cover the high long forehead?

A: One of the trade-offs for an endoscopic browlift is a longer forehead because this type of browlifting procedure is really an epicranial shift…it moves the scalp backwards to create the browlift below. The length of a patient’s forehead must be assessed beforehand and this effect considered when choosing any type of browlift.

The vertical depressions that you have are the effect of the internal fixation technique used to secure the uplifted  scalp near or in the hairline. They are reflective of a really pulled up scalp and perhaps too aggressive browlift.

In terms of improvement, endoscopic browlifts can be partially reversed by the same method that caused the initial effects. Wide forehead and scalp loosening done through the same incisions as the initial operation may allow some reshifting of the tissues back to less stretched look. This may provide some improvement in the vertical depressions and partial lowering of the hairline. Fillers and hair transplants are also options to deal with the problems you now have but I would first try and treat the cause of the problem before exclusively treating the symptoms of the problem first. Those are always options if tissue loosening and reshifting is not entirely successful.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana