Can The Chin Bone Be Cut (Genioplasty) And Moved On Top And Forward?

Q:   Dear Dr Eppley. I am wondering if it is possible to get a variation of genioplasty done.
I am wanting to reposition my chin bone higher up. In reduction genioplasty the chin tip is sawn off, a wedge of bone is removed and the chin repositioned back.Is it possible to saw off the end of the chin, then without removing any bone, reattach the sawn off tip at a higher position? This could help address saggying tissue as the higher position of the bone could help lift the surrounding tissue. This would leave a bony ridge on the chin, however this could be hidden with fillers.Does this type of surgery sound like something you could do? Thank you.

A: That is known in chin surgery as a ‘jumping genioplasty’. That places the cut piece of chin bone on top of/in front of the upper chin segment. However this will bring the chin forward and make it more prominent, although it would lift up sagging chin tissues and shorten its vertical length somewhat.

By your descriptions, I think you may have an erroneous concept of how chin osteotomies are done. It is important that the cut piece of chin bone remains attached to the muscles which provide it with a blood supply, otherwise it will die and resorb away. It is not just moved anywhere else one wants to put it.

Perhaps you could send me some pictures so I could see what type of chin problem you and what may or may not work.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana