Can The Cheekbones Be Changed To A Higher Straighter Shape?

Q: Dr. Eppley, s it possible to change the cheekbone’s shape/cheek hollowing (to a straighter, higher set one)? I‘ve been reading a lot about “the high cheekbone” look, custom infraorbital malar implants and zygoma reduction osteotomies, and there’s something I haven’t seen mentioned. 

Most people getting zygoma reduction are Asians (and don’t have the high cheekbone look in mind) and most people getting custom infraorbital-malar implants have very flat cheekbones to begin with. 

My question is: 

Can someone that already has hollow cheeks change their shape? Let’s say, someone with cheekbones like Jon Kortajarena or this morphed face (prominent, with a curved inwards shape) wants to obtain more straight, vertical cheekbones, like Henry Cavill or this other morphed face. Is that possible to achieve? What procedures would be necessary to do so if possible? 

I’ve attached you photos of people with the lower set, curved cheekbones (Kortajarena, Morphed face 1) and the higher set, more vertical ones (Henry Cavill, Morphed face 2). 

Would love to hear your thoughts about this.

A :As long as the need is augmentation to achieve the more ideal cheekbone shape then anything is possible with 3D designed implants. If a bony reductive change is required to achieve that shape then the type of change achievable is more limited.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana