Can The Bulge On The Side Of My Head (Skull) Be Reduced?

Q: I have a question about reducing a bulge on the side of my head. I have cranial/skull assymetry and wanted to know if I can get the side of my skull shaved down/reduction a bit so I can get a more even look on both sides. The right side of my head sticks out more then my left, it’s noticible expecially because of the close cut haircuts I love to get. Is shaving down or skull/cranial reduction possible or an option?  I have attached some pictures of my head from the front so you can see it. It is fairly obvious I think. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

A: What is you have is skull asymmetry caused by a bulge in the temporo-occipital bulge region or side of the skull. It is actually a combination of fullness of the back end of the temporalis muscle and the front edge of the occipital bone where the two actually come together. Both are easy to reduce, and need to be reduced to get the narrowing effect, and about 5 to 7mms of reduction/narrowing can easily be obtained, maybe more. There is no danger to the procedure nor is there any risk to any nerves in so doing. The issue of whether this is a good procedure for you or not is completely about the vertical scar running over the bulge to do it. The scar is the only risk in doing what is otherwise a fairly simple procedure. Given your close haircuts, it is a question of the trade-off of a more symmetrical skull versus that of a fine line scar when considering a skull reduction procedure.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana