Can The Bulge On The Right Side Of My Head Be Reduced?

Q: Dr. Eppley, The right side of my head (just above my ear when looking at me face on) buldges out about 5mm more than the left side. The left side looks perfect compared to the right. Would it be possible to reduce this ‘buldge’ and would the scar be noticeable? Thank you.

A: The simple answer to your questions is yes…and no. A 5 to 7mm reduction is what usually can be achieved in side of the head (temporo-parietal reduction). While most people think the reduction in this area of the skull is bony in nature, it is actually largely a muscular reduction. By releasing and shortening the posterior extension of the very large temporalis muscle, this will reduce the bulge on the side of head. (head reshaping) It is done through a fine line vertical incision over the thickest part of the bulge that is not longer than 4 to 4.5 cms in length. Usually this scar heals very well because the scalp incision is not under any tension. The noticeability of the scar would also depend on how one cuts their hair. If you shave your head I can not guarantee that the very fine line will not be seen.

Dr. Barry Eppley